Our Mission

The mission of CYO is to provide the Catholic Youth of the Greater Dayton Area an opportunity to participate on athletic teams under Christian leadership and supervision. Catholic Youth Athletics furthers the mission of the Catholic Church by providing sports experiences for our youth that are firmly rooted in the Catholic faith tradition.


Important Rule Change. Intentional use of the head will not be allowed for players on 4th & 5th grade teams. Penalty-Indirect free kick.

FINAL Schedules are posted. I made as many changes as requested as possible. I was not able to honor all requests. If your team cannot play a game as scheduled, please notify me as soon as possible and I will inform your opponent that you forfeit. The date on the final schedule should read 8/23 at the bottom of the schedule on the left side.

Team Schedule- Second  column is Location-At column or underlined column  denotes home team for score card purposes
League Schedule-First column is location-Third column denotes home team for score card.