Our Mission

The mission of CYO is to provide the Catholic Youth of the Greater Dayton Area an opportunity to participate on athletic teams under Christian leadership and supervision. Catholic Youth Athletics furthers the mission of the Catholic Church by providing sports experiences for our youth that are firmly rooted in the Catholic faith tradition.




2018 Volleyball League Champions-Girls

8-1-St. Peter                          6-1-St. Albert               4-1-St. Peter
8-2-St. Francis                     6-2-St. Luke                 4-2-Holy Family
8-3-St. Brigid                        6-3-St. Helen

7-1-St. Charles                     5-1-St. Charles              5-3-St. Luke
7-2-Holy Family                 5-2-St. Francis
2018 Volleyball League Champions-Boys

8th-St. Brigid
7th-St. Brigid
6th-Holy Angels
5th St. Christopher (Grey)
4th & 5th-St. Brigid