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Sunday, May 1-10:00 am.  Games cancelled at Ascension-too much rain





Friday, April 22

Clarification of three rules

1. 5th & 6th grade league-we do play the dropped third strike

2. 5th & 6th grade league-Runner on third cannot steal home unless the ball crosses the plane of the of the pitching rubber. The runner can come home if there is a play on the runner stealing second or the catcher overthrows the pitcher

3.  4th & 5th grade league-Runner on third cannot steal home unless a play is made directly on the runner at third


One change on the 4th & 5th grade schedule will have St. Luke vs. St. Albert moving from Thursday, May 5th at Ascension  to Wed. May 4 at Rotary 5.



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The mission of CYO is to provide the Catholic Youth of the Greater Dayton Area an opportunity to participate on athletic teams under Christian leadership and supervision.

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